Sunday, 21 December 2014

What to do when you're bored


Hey guys! In this blog post as you probably already know I will be writing some fun things to do when you're bored. This will be totally based on things that I do when I'm bored. Enjoy. :)

1.  Sing karaoke at
This is super fun and I enjoy it very much! You can sing all kinds off songs and get better at singing, plus the battles are very fun. You get to sing against people from all around the world. You should try it if you haven't already! :)

2. Draw
For me drawing is very fun, one of my hobbies I would say. When I'm bored you could catch me drawing for sure. 
♡ Vampy eyes ♡
3. Draw clothes
If you're not a fan of  the art where you draw nature are faces or something I would recommend trying to draw clothes. I personally love drawing sweaters. I just love sweater weather! :)
 4. Hang out with friends
One of the best things to do when you're bored is to meet up with your friends. Go to a cafe, take a walk, watch a movie. It will be really fun!
Space Bound | via Tumblr
5. Try writing a song
Sometimes a really like to sing what comes out of my head. So sometimes a just like trying to write a song about something. It doesn't end well because I'm really bad at it but I'm sure you'll do better! :D
MUSIC.... | via Tumblr
6. Listen to music
Hey, who doesn't like music? One in a million. If you're bored you can just go take a walk alone or with your dog listening to music. :)
7. Do your homework
Probably the worst tip ever because none off you are going to do this. Most people would rather stare at a plain wall than do their homework. But remember, it needs to get done. :D
Like Neon Love
8. Room decor
Maybe you're tired off your room design? Well... What are you waiting four? Get to work. Print out some tumblr pictures, get some fairy lights and make your room an inspiration for others.
Alívio Imediato | via Tumblr
9. Paint your nails
I personally love painting my nails. Thinking off a design for them is so fun! If you want them to be more festive paint them maybe... Pink with glitters?.. It's fun and addictive, trust me.
bbys :*
10. Clean out your phone
Bored off the same old wallpaper? Maybe it's time to redecorate? If you're bored, now's your chance.
I love you!
11. Go shopping
Tell me, what girls doesn't like shopping? Go buy yourself a new outfit. You'll be really happy, I promise.
wut | via Tumblr
12. Cook
This is super fun! You can cook alone but I recommend cooking with a friend. You can bake cupcakes and then eat them while watching a movie. :)
how my world turns
13. Write a blog post
Hey! You can start writing a blog! It will be a really fun way to spend your time. :)
14. Watch youtube videos
When I'm bored I always and I mean always watch youtube videos. I personally recomend watching some vlogs. :)
Haha this is so real...
15. Try to film a vlog
This is very fun. You can do it alone or with friends. Who knows, maybe you will get famous. :D
16. Start watching series
I like watching the vampire diaries, the originals, glee and etc. a lot more that movies. It's so addictive.
Keep Calm and What Your Favorite Series
17. Make loom bands
Making loom bands is so fun. If you never tried it I recommend it to you. 
loom bracelets💁🎀🌙
18. Search for inspirational photos
I love to send some new photos to my phone once in a while and looking for them is a lot of fun.
19. Try to write a book
Sometimes when I'm bored I like to try and write a book, it never ends well because I never finish it, but maybe you will have better luck with it than me!
20. Play internet games
When I'm bored sometimes I like playing games like pool, minecraft, the sims 3 and etc. :)
Borradores | Tumblr

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  1. I like the article so much!:) and for me, dancing like nobody is watching is the first one :)

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