Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How to write a diary

                                                                               HOW TO WRITE A DIARY
1. The first thing to do when you want to start writing a diary is to buy a notebook. This is a very fun part. I recommend buying a notebook that really inspires you and shows your personal style. If you like your diary it will be more fun to write in it.
2. When you have your diary you are probably thinking where to start. Here you have a lot of different options. In the first page you can write a little about yourself (how old are you, where you live etc.). Also you can write down your favorite quotes that make you inspired. If you want you can just write the date ant the events that happened to you today. (like you will be doing all the time)
3. There are no rules in writing a diary. That is your personal space and you can make it as crazy as you want. Maybe sometimes you want to draw in it? Or maybe write a short story? Go for it! Be creative.
4. The secret of writing a diary without stopping is easy. If you write one day’s events and then forget to do it the next day don’t worry. Write whenever you feel like it. It’s not a job – it should be fun! Even if you don’t write for a month and then suddenly feel like writing – do it! Don’t blame yourself for not doing it every single day. With time it will start being just a fun activity and you will start doing it more often. I promise. J

5. The worry all diary writers have is – where to hide it? Nobody wants their diary to be found so they hide it. There are multiple options where you can hide your diary. Think about where your parents would never look – that’s the place it should be! If you get worried switch up the hiding places sometimes.
6. Remember. You should always stay true with your diary.  It’s a place where you get to write what you really think.
7. Good luck, happy writing! J

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Before I die bucket list

                  Before I die bucket list.

Hi everyone! In this blog post you will see some very beautiful and inspiring pictures you can put in your ,,Before I die bucket list''. 



UntitledAll that a girl wants.


The Teen Bucket List | via TumblrUntitled

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100 things i want to do before i die. | via Tumblr83




bucket list pinterest - Google Searchchocolate fountain

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Bucket ListSomeday.. 💕



Your Bucket List. | via TumblrPin by Winter Beauty on Before I die | Pinterest

Pin by Winter Beauty on Before I die | Pinterestbefore I die.. | Before I die | Pinterest


Untitled💙 :) !Ride

before i die | Tumblrdreamcatcher

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Your Bucket List. | via TumblrUntitled

The Bucket List of the World | via TumblrUntitled

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